Darth Fellatio, choking his victim.
Darth Fellatio
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Two parts to every story

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Yes, he did have a penile enhancement, once.

Chronological and political information

The Order of the Boner, Sith Order

Known masters

Darth Boner

Known apprentices

His brother, Darth Autofellatio

"Darth Fellatio choked his victims in ways some consider to be......unnatural"

Darth Fellatio, born Stretch McCox, was a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord known for being extremely evil, getting pleasure from choking his victims in unusual and horrible ways. Fellatio created a scary looking armour to hide his ugly human body under it. Darth Elmo was bought to him to determine how evil he was. Elmo seemed too evil and fellatio later tried to kill the child,only for Elmo to cut him in half with is Lightsaber.

"Is Darth Fellatio gonna have to choke a bitch?"
―Darth Fellatio threatening to choke one of his slaves

After his death, his suit went on to be used as the basis for Darth Vader's custom armor. Shortly after waking up, to Vader's great dismay, he discovered that the suit was so sticky that it caused him to yell "NOOOOOOOOO!" disregarding the fact that his own wife had just died.

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