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Darth Frieza
Biographical information

2 times

Physical description

Barabel/Clawdite hybrid


Male (Uncomfirmed)


1.5 meters

Eye color



Firstly none, later 3/4 of his body

Chronological and political information


Known apprentices


"What lovely fireworks!"
―Darth Frieza, after destroying a planet

Darth Frieza was an albino Barabel/Clawdite hybrid Sith Overlord, who ran his own Sith Empire. He was widely known for his penchant for destroying planets and an incredibly screechy, effeminate voice that was capable of PWNing entire civilizations upon hearing.


Personality and traitsEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Darth Frieza was surprisingly strong with the Dark Side of the Force. He utilized many strange techniques, that generally consisted of shooting lazors from the tips of fingers and throwing glowing orbs that made kablooey on impact. He was also known to be proficient in Force telekinesis and Force flight.

Another notable ability of Darth Frieza was his capability of transformation, presumably inherited from his Clawdite mama.

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