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Darth Hacker, Green Lord of the Sith

Darth Hacker was a green Sith Lord from cyber-space. He was well known for attempting to take over cyber-space (as real space proved too difficult) numerous times.


Hacker was born in Tacoville, Cyber-Mexico in 16 BBY as Roberto Caba. In 4 BBY he made his way across the boarder to Cyber-Texas. There he vowed to one day Conquer the entire Cyber-universe (if you have ever been to Texas then you understand) and changed his name to "The Hacker". After numerous scams and schemes to try to take over cyber-space he eventually left Cyber-Texas in dishoner.


Emperor Palpatine (obsessed with all things Texas at the time due to his alliance with Darth Bush) would later grant Hacker a Sithood as "Darth Hacker, Green Lord of the Sith" in 0 BBY.

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