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"He'd forget his head if it wasn't attached to his...oh, wait."
―The ghost of Darth Jawa, to the ghost of Darth Pillsbury

Darth Headless, also known as Headless Chicken by his Masters, was a headless Sith Mega-Super-Overlord, who was trained in the ways of the Sith by a group of dead Sith Lords (as ghosts).


Early lifeEdit

Very little was known of Headless' early life. He was presumably born to two people (presumably male and female), on (presumably) a planet, which presumably had a name, and probably a location. However, some details of his early life were known. He was born with a shocking head of curly ginger hair, and had a particular fear of scissors, hairdressers and getting his hair cut, which would eventually lead to problems. At age eight, he had still never received a haircut since his first, almost seven years previously, when he had lost an ear (he would later look back on this as something none to important compared to later grievances, yet at the time it was a bit of a shock). Eventually, his parents and the local priest decided that he needed a haircut, and that they would use any force necessary. One day he came home to school, and sat down on the couch. Then his dog leapt up beside him. It never got off the couch again. Damn, thought the parents, the first part of their plan a complete failure: the boy was meant to sit on the super glue, so they could restrain him. Still, there was always another way, said the mother. The next day, they tried a new tactic. As Headless walked into the kitchen, a massive cleaver swooped down, intended to cut off some of his overly long hair. However, it got quite a bit more.

=Sith apprenticeEdit

Enraged at his family, he stormed blindly off to run away from home, however the furthest he got was to a muddy field about half a mile from his house. Lying face down in the muck, he grew very sad. Suddenly, several powerful Sith ghosts appeared, and told Headless to follow them, that they would make him the most powerful Sith ever to have lived.

Darth Headless was one of many Sith wiped out by God as there were too many Sith.

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