Darth Kesha
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I hope now

Physical description

Human (Iraqi)




1.99 miles

Hair color


Eye color


  • Plastic Vagina
  • Transplanted sex hormones
  • Extra pleasure glands
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You wish

Known masters
Known apprentices

Dead people

Darth Kesha was the only known full out lesbian Sith mega super overlord. She was most known for being a rapist and was also a well trained sexual terrorist and sodomite for the Sith and Al-Qaeda.


Early lifeEdit

Darth Kesha was born on a small desert world known as Iraq, full of terrorists and evil Al-Qaeda badass motherfuckers. Immediately, after she was born by accident after Saddam Hussein had too much sex with some girl, her family moved to a planet known as Cuba, since they'd rather be surrounded by communists rather than terrorists. At age 10, she ran away from home after having too much sex and decided to join the Sith so she could continue her life as a terrorist and learn the power Force Sex so she could become a sodomite. At the academy, she became a favorite of her fellow Sith because of her ugliness and ability to have very good sex without the use of the Force. Eventually, after Darth Vader realized how good Kesha was at sex, he taught her Force Sex and then partnered her up with Darth Bieber so she could sexually abuse Darth Vader's female enemies and Bieber could sexually abuse Vader's male enemies, since they were both outright homosexuals.

Adulthood as a rapist and musicianEdit

After Kesha's 18th birthday, she for a present, was offered more sex with other women, she without a doubt accepted the present and immediately went to more raping and having sex. She then would spend a year with Darth Bieber under the command of Darth Vader. The duo would sexually abuse and rape Vader's enemies and eventually the duo earned the name known as Vader's penis, due to their success in sexual situations. After they grew tired of having so much sex, they started music careers. Bieber, while going after the record of having the most prepubescent voice, Kesha wanted to be in the record books with Bieber, so she decided to make the most annoying music know to humanity. Nevertheless, after concerts, she arranged for lap dance time with her female fans, and afterwards autograph their Vagina's. This is how the all powerful Darth Kesha spent the rest of her pathetic life.

Darth Kesha having Force Sex with one of Darth Vader's female enemies.


  • With terrorists
  • Having sex

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