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Darth krueger

troll smirk krueger

"i'll slash you,gash you and cut another hole in ya ass. spill ya blood on the walls, play teenis with ya balls. wear ya like a coat,fuck ya like a goat and when you fall sleep i'll make ya crawl: PEACE!"

- One of Freddy's many rap song lyrics.

Darth Krueger was a Shit Lord of Earth 666 who went by the nicknames: the Crispy One, Darth Troll Smirk, Darth Wise Crack and his rap name "'Xtra Krispy!"

Darth Freddy Krueger was a pedohpile (well according to Michael Bay) who raped and murdered young kids but then some parents found out and toasted him like a Thanksgiving turkey, he somehow managed to come back and killed the kids of the parents who burned him,he was also a milf hunter and would "slaughter" the hot moms on Elm Street.. He has died a record eleven times and has come back twelve times, he is a demon and there-for un-killable. He trained under 4-LOM for his rap career and was the apprentice of Darth Vader until he lit Vader on fire in his sleep since he had a love of fire.


As a child he was shipped from foster home to foster home because he burnt half of them down, at one orffinage he met 4-LOM and they became friends and put on rap shows for the other kids but when they were told no more shows cause of foul language Freddy rage quited and burnt the place down and half the kids in it.


When he grew up he was an apprentice under Vader for a while until he got sick of him and lit him on fire in his sleep, shortly after he became a pedohpile and raped many young children until Darth Vader got back at him by telling the parents.


Darth Krueger was a sith mega-overlord who used imense powers to brutaly kill people and alter reality making people think they were dreaming. His favourite force move was Force lies. he was also the only person to make a four bladed lightsaber claw wich was an effective killing machine.


The parents tracked him down and burned him in his boiler room but lucky for him he met the dream demons and they gave him life after death. When he came back he killed all the children of Elm Street and raped the milfs of the neighbourhood.


he has died many times due to stupid teen girls, an unfortunate rap battle with Jason "Yo Mama" Voorhees and a six hour battle with Darth Vader wich he won when he stabbed darth vader button panel on his chest wich caused Vader's suit to malfunction and render him immobile but Freddy didn't kill him, he just laughed at how he got burnt so badly that his "light saber" melted off. He was an expert in hand to claw combat and a skilled rap artist along with a talented actor and chef.


In his later years he became the host of the show Yo Mama in wich contestants battle with jokes and Freddy guts the loser. His recent job is hosting "the tonight show" after he he ripped jay leno's face off. He also had a cameo in "Darthfellas".


"Welcome to my world bitch"

"Why are you screaming? I haven't even cut you yet. hahaha"

"I'll stab,cut,slice and ravage you're soul, i'll take you out whole. I'll make you my bitch and i'll make you cry, and when im done you'll be un-able to wonder why. I rape,murder and kill cause my rhyms are ill, you're rhyms are sour like a drink at happy hour and when i'm done with you you'll scream for death and you'll get nothing cause you addicted to meth!!!"

" dawg!"

"Hey Vader, least after i got burnt my junk was still there and it still worked,HA!"

"I love fire"

"I'm the best,the greatest and you're nothing but shit and you should quit. if you don't i'll fuck yo shit up worse than i did to Vader so peace bitch i'll see ya later!"

This article is called Darth Krueger. Darth Krueger has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darth Krueger can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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