Darth Lucas
Darth Lucas
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1944 BBY

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"Faster! More intense! And more FLANNEL! BWAHHH HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!"
Darth Lucas

Darth Lucas was a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord in around 600 ABY. He was the founding member of The Great Sith Family. Also known as The Flanneled One, Lucas instituted the Rule of Flannel, dictating that all Sith Lords and grunge musicians wear flannel at all times. Historians believe this contributed to his death at the hands of every other member of the Great Sith Family.

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This article is called Darth Lucas. Darth Lucas has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darth Lucas can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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