"You have paid the price for your lack of pigeon!"
―Darth Malaprop

Darth Malaprop was a Sith Underlord whose deep commitment to evil was marred somewhat by a tendency to slightly misinterpret things.

Early lifeEdit

"There is no young appliance."
―Darth Malaprop

Born Garth Malaprop on the planet Fatooine, Malaprop was inducted into the Sith order in 19 BBY after misspelling his first name on a landspeeder rental application. For the next few years, he was able to maintain his mundane lifestyle, despite his mysterious newfound tendency to telekinetically strangle his household pets.

The turning pointEdit

"If he could be turd, he would become a powerful alloy."
―Darth Malaprop

When Darth Darth Binks conquered the galaxy, he made Malaprop one of his many Sith henchmen. Binks tasked Malaprop with subjugating the planet Had Abbadon, but Malaprop misunderstood his master and, believing he'd simply had a bad day, bought him some posies. An angered Binks threw the flowers back in Malaprop's face.

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