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Darth Mall was a Sith Lord trained by Darth Bargain. He sought out to rule all shopping centers in the galaxy. He started by taking over a Cantina. Then he took over a whole plaza on Courascant. After that, he took over his first large shopping center. Soon, Jedi Knights Coupon and Sale were dispatched to stop him, but he slew them.

He next took over Mall of Courascant and slew more Jedi who tried to stop him. Soon, he acquired so many shoping centers that Jabba The Hutt helped fund his efforts in excahnge for discounts at his shopping centers. He soon owned the biggest retail chain in the galaxy.

However, soon he lost some shopping centers due to some brave Jedi fighting off his armed malltroopers. However, he was ultimately slain, not by any Jedi, but by his own scheming apprentice Darth Discount who plotted to take over his Mall Empire.

Darth Mall was married to Darth Credit Card and had a son, the Dark Jedi Cash Register.

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