Darth Megatron
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2007, revived 2009 and died again in 2011 Final Death in 31 ABY

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Uh, you dipshit, he's a ROBOT!

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Ok, get real, he's a robot!

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Megatron: "It is time for the world to know of our presence. No more disguises, no mercy!"
Starscream: "Does that include cross dressing?"
— Megatron and Starscream discuss sexual orientation

Darth Megatron was a Dark Lord of the Sith and the Decepticon Leader/Sith Super mega Overlord. His extreme loyalty to The Darth The Fallen made him at odds with Darth Darth Binks. This powahful Darth was driven purely by hatred...and his longing. It was rumored that he had had relations with his apprentice Starscream, but all such rumors were denied by Megatron. Darth Megatron was said to be the most public Darth to date, being the well-known spokesperson for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He was also one of the only beings in the universe who knew the true nature of the Sarths, a group of Darthipedians who have yet to identify themselves. In combat with Optimus Prime, he wielded a triple-bladed lightsaber. His standard lightsaber, however, was a single blade. Without a doubt, he was the most likely Darth you would like to choose to destroy a planet.

At one point, Lord Megatron participated in a mission to help kill Darth Elmo.


Darth Megatron fue un weon que no tula que le gustaba ver darth wigetta777 was born zillions of years ago on the planet Cybertron, and was Optimus Prime's twin brother. Unlike Prime, who chose a kickass truck as an alternate mode, Megatron decided that he would turn into a tiny handgun because it would give him trigger-crotch.

After his upgrade from Darth Bay, Megatron turned into a jet instead of a gun, much to the dismay of Transformer right activists everywhere. Nevertheless, to everyone else (especially Darth Vader, Lord Bay's boss) thought he was much more badass in this form. However, he retained his gay ferocious tendencies from his previous form, as evidenced by his frequent trips to Voldoland Hell and continued relations fights with Starscream. After he was killed by Sam Witwer-cky, he was later revived by Devastator as a tank.

Darth Megatron was one of the exactly three beings in the entire galaxy who was attracted to the horrendous amalgam-creature known as Gormandophitia. He even had relations with him/her/it/them at one point, leading to the birth of Mudflap and Skids. (Yes, he is their father. Get over it.)

Relationship with StarscreamEdit

To this day, it is unknown whether Lord Megatron has relations with Starscream. Many reknowned experts have reported that the two are indeed often seen in bed together. Megatron himself, however, denies this, as does everyone else in the Empire. In response to this, the same experts have claimed that Megatron also sleeps with his new boss Darth Vader, resulting in unfortunate consequences for the experts.

Optimus Prime also claims that Megatron and Starscream are gay lovers, but it is suspected that this is just a lie to get all the "evil is cool" people to support the Autobots rather than the Deceptifags. So much for being a "hero", Optimus.

Shadow Wars, The Rise Of ShockwaveEdit

After so many failed battles, Shockwave declared his former master weak and foolish. Shockwave defeated Darth Megatron and exiled him and Starscream. Starscream and Megatron finally admitted their love for each other and had a child, Sunstorm. However, a assassin for the Shadow Minds Killed Starscream. Megatron hid Sunstorm away and faced his rival Optimus Prime. It was is this battle that Darth Megatron was stabbed by his rival , and fell into the incinerator.

He would later be reborn as Darth Galvatron.



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