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Recent Picture of Darth Mickey...

This is the story of Darth Mickey Mouse and the Evil Disney Empire...

Darth Mickey was created in 1928 by Emperor Disney at the time he was called Mickey Mouse. Emperor Disney was an Evil man who created Mickey to star in “Adult Cartoon Films” Mickey did not want to be in these films but he was forced to do it, The Evil Emperor Disney started to secretly feed Mickey hardcore drugs so he would be more submissive. Mickey went through years and years of Abuse and Emperor Disney’s Empire grew stronger, Mickey was now unrecognizable because of the years of Hardcore Drugs and abuse. Emperor Disney needed to do


Mickey in one of the Adult Films he was forced to star in.


Mickey after several Years of Hardcore Drug use...

something fast or else Mickey would die! Emperor Disneydid not wnat this to happen because Mickey was a very profitable Porn Star, so Emperor Disney used Dark Magic to bring Mickey into the Physical Realm where he was then placed inside of a special suite to keep him alive, Mickey was given a new name Darth Mickey.

As a result of the Dark Magic the Emperor used to bring Mickey to life Mickey now had special powers the Evil Emperor Disney knew this and he made Darth Mickey his Secret Hitman. Darth Mickey was tasked with killing the creators of wonderful stories so the Emperor could steal those stories and turn them into his movies where he would make billions. But as time went on the Emperor grew weak and Darth Mickey was able to slay him and take his place as the New Dark Lord of The Disney Empire.

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