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"I can turn into a dick, AH-HAHA!" -Mickey Mouse

Biographical information





Not yet

Physical description





4 feet

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Galatic Civil War


Darth Elmo's Sith Empire

Known masters

Darth Elmo

Known apprentices

Hannah Montana, Zack and Cody, Miley Cyrus.

Mickey Mouse is a sith lord who is allies with Darth Elmo, a member of Darth Elmo's Sith Empire, owns the Bitch Junior's Disney Channel, and has sith apprentices like the Jonas Brothers.



Darth Mouse as a child

Darth Mouse was born in 1978, Darth Mouse was a troublemaker......that is what his babysitter said. In school he was friends with Huey, Olimar, and Snuffleupagus. (They are known as the AssHoles) However he was expelled for breaking a pencil (By accident). So Mickey's parent's put him in the Penis academy.

Jedi Academy.Edit


Jedi Mouse

Mickey Mouse was trained by Master Orooo who is about 5,100 years. He told Mickey and the rest of the younglings that they all killed Owen Lars, and they should leave. Angered, Mickey took out his lightsaber and killed Ziro the Hutt. After that inncident, Mouse told the jedi that his skin died of old age and that the younglings ate a new teacher. But then Order 66 came. Clone start barging through windows, doors, and para chutes. They killed all the younglings except The Emo One. The troopers took Mouse to Coruscant.

Elmo's EmpireEdit

Eventually, Elmo's sith empire came into power. Darth Mouse was sent to Korriban to learn the ways of the Sith.

Mouse was given the name Darth Mouse and was trained by Darth Elmo. After learning the ways of the sith, Elmo made Mouse as a Sith Assasin.

Secret Mission OneEdit

Execute the King of Nabooboo

In this mission, Darth Mouse is ordered by Darth Darth Binksto kill the king of Nabooboo using a sniper rifle.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse has this patch on his sholder.

Mickey traveled to Nabooboo with his new sith Delta-ZB starfighter. In the docks of Nabooboo city, a few exiled Jedi try to kill Darth Mouse. Darth Mouse immediately sliced both in half. Darth Mouse then, killed anyone who tried to harm him. After killing people, Mickey infiltrated the palace of Nabooboo, killing guards, through the grand hallway, killing guards, and into the throne, killing guards. The king of Nabooboo fliped out when Mickey Mouse barged into his throne room. The king tried to kill Mouse, but Mouse force pwned


Secret Mission 2Edit

Steal the Jedi Holocron

Mouse's next mission is to get a hold of the sacred Jedi Holocron on Ossus. Mickey traveld to Ossus to steal the Jedi Holocron. The Holocron was located in an Ancient Temple. Mickey entered the ancient not knowing there will be ancient traps. Darth Mouse entered the great dome. There it was...The Holocron. Darth Mouse picked up the ancient holocron. But Just Then! A HUGE bolder came out of nowhere. Mouse ran like a little chicken and left the Jedi Temple of Doom.

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