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"Oh, wow. Oh, heavy. I'm being hassled in the street by a chick."
―Darth Nihl

Darth Nihl, a.k.a. Neil, was a hippie Nagai Sith Lord who worked for Darth Krayt. He was a clinically depressed, nihilistic, pacifist, environmentalist vegetarian who majored in Peace Studies.

He had a very dull life, being at the beck and call of Darth Krayt all the time. Krayt made Nihl do all the housework, cook all the meals, clean up after him, and subjected him to all manner of verbal and physical abuse. Nihl's favorite food was lentils. Nobody paid any attention to Nihl anyway, because Krayt's other Sith servant was Darth Talon.

Nihl's hobbies included watching telly and attempting suicide.

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