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Female (unconfirmed) Oh, it's confirmed, baby. Poom!

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"Stop messing with things you don't understand, pathetic mortals."

Darth Nuku, formally known as Nuku-Nuku, was the All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl and enemy to Darth Dog. She was a spitfire little droid, however she was plagued with schizophrenia and would often spout convoluted word salads that usually did not even make a modicum of sense. She claimed to love Ahsoka Tano.

Nuku-Nuku couldn't help herself from automatically following the orders of those who knew the power of the "!". Her early life was plagued with abuse from other inconsiderate masters who would take great delight in her schizophrenic ramblings and often provoked her hallucinations just for cheap laughs. Such ramblings would then be collected and archived for others to read, much to Nuku-Nuku's embarrassment.

When she was lucid and thereby properly medicated, Nuku-Nuku decided that she had enough of the humiliation at the expense of her mental illness and took action into her own hands—err, paws. Adopting the moniker "Darth Nuku," which she took back from Juhani who had stolen the name from her before, Nuku embarked on a crusade to hunt down every single person who had ever wronged her and punch them in the nards.

While she was still new on the scene, <insert name here> once embarked upon an ultimately futile campaign to oust Nuku-Nuku from the IRC.

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