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{{Sith character infobox |name=Darth Prevedus


|homeworld=Earth |birth=Russia |death= never happened... |species=Human (materialized alter-ego) |gender=Male (vore-observer) |height=2.02 |hair=Burned bald (was black) |eyes= Right is red (was green), left is inverted-colored of right |cyber= 10%: exosceleton gloves&socks + suit... |era= Our times, but he can be everywhere& everywhen |affiliation=*Sith, Supre-Duper-Mega Overlord

|masters=none (self-learned) |apprentices=Darth Zaporus*Darth Pinkie-Pie }}

Darth Prevedus.

Real name - Unknown,

Used name- Preved_yt Mojahataskraju.

russian "Olbanets", voraphile(and many-of-fetish-lover)-observer - He allways needs fresh life energy, named "pizdata" (pesdata, 3.14zdata...) that he gets from looking mostly on girls, who swallowing things and other... He was simple russian kid, who once saw USA cartoon and saw scene, where male anthro-wolf swallowed key, but that kid had dreams about pretty girl, who will do something like that...

He tried to watch random cartoons and searched it for scenes with girls swallowing, but mostly failed or hadn't any chance to see it again, when he want... When he came to Internet, he started active searchind and downloading, but often failed - slow speed, limited traffic, denied acsess... He even lost his first YouTube account, when uploaded there "transgendered remake" of one scene from "Doraemon"...

All this faults made him similar as Wooldoor Sockbat, but after visit in Gloomsville he became some more human-like and more positive...

After "Duel on" with powerfullest Jedi in History of Universe, The Absolutely Powerful Chosen One, Grand Master Antonij, Preved lost his hands and legs and was burned alive just like Darth Vader, but Preved's Girls saved and reanimated him, transplantated his hands and legs with special exo-sceleton-gloves and socks and put him in Darth Vader suit, that he uses for getting "Pizdata" and just thinks, that is cool...

During visit in Ponyville Dark Lord Prevedus met Pinkie Pie, who made him temporary "good" - he became White Preved, but effect was temporary and disappeared soon...

Weapon - he using all Force-skills, even earlier unknown... He also have two transforming lightsabers: they can be simple, duel and can be united in double-sided one. One saber is red, but also can be blue (in "good" mode) and Black in center with red glowing ("absolut" crystal, that can cut everything - unstable blades, power fields, frick and even cortosis, but not similar blade)... Second is black and flat (in "good" mode - white) but too can be "absolut" - Black saber is ritual weapon mostly for castration - Prevedus using it for changing genders of vore-predators and object-swallowers, M to F only...

(*f**c!!! can't normally edit it...sorry...*)

This article is called Darth Prevedus. Darth Prevedus has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darth Prevedus can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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