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Reasons for improve: The entire article in its current state is just a big in-joke. Half of the QDB links lead to non-existent quote entries and the humor is even juvenile by Darthipedia's standards, at best.

Spoiler warning: Plot spoilers, such as the fact that

Communist Ruusan doesn't support free press.

may follow. Read on at your own discretion.
"In communist Ruusan, QDB quotes you. that's night right..."
―Communist Ruusan motto

Darth QDB was a great Ruusan writer and philosopher. He had controversial views that were bias for the Sith, which is why you probably had never heard of him until now. The people over at the English Star Wars Humor Wiki, Wookiepedia, are pro-Jedi and have censored all mentions of him out. Over here we don't censor anything. Except for porn. Actually we don't censor all porn but that's a different story. The Ruusans censor though. Some of QDB's work was censored by the Ruusan as they were "anti-Puutin". These works include the following: this one and this one...oh and this one, among others. QDB was then forced to write propaganda for the communist organization #darthipedia.


First WorksEdit

QDB's first writings were about POWAH and the military. He also wrote about secret organizations and, well, himself. He became very popular and was then hired to write twenty five different works over the next few weeks.

Later Works and Troubles with RuusanEdit

QDB soon got over worked and the quality of his works declined. He reverted to writing anti-Puutin and anti-communist Ruusan writings for the very large population that were against the Ruusan's current government. These works were censored and banned by the Ruusan government. QDB was then arrested by the KGB (Koute Gmontering Bagency [Ruusan language]) and dragged away to be killed. To save his life, he agreed to write propaganda for the government backed communist organization, #darthipedia, headed by Darth Commie himself, Darth tom (very imposing name, eh?) Although he sometimes does freelance work for another communist organization, Omegle.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • [1]
  • Darth QDB wasn't really a Sith Lord. His first name was just Darthicus.
  • No one is sure what QDB stands for, but there are several theories:
    • Quiet (you) Damn Bastards
    • Quigley Daniel Baroque
    • Quote Database (although this one is the most unlikely.
    • Quagmire Don Weinstien... a Middle English Italian Jewish name...interesting...


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