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"Long live the King!"
―Darth Scar's inappropriate last words to Darth Vader

"Side with me, and you'll never go hungry again! (Emphasis added)"
―Darth Scar recruiting anonymous Stormies to his army

Darth Scar was a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord from the planet Africa. He was best known for being the most evil/emo lion in the history of the Galaxy. Despite common belief he is not in fact based on Hamlet's King Claudius. He was actually inspired by President Andrew Johnson. In 3421431 BBY Darth Scar planed to murder his brother Darth Mufasa Vader by destroying his planet, however due to the lack of functioning super weapons on Africa Darth Scar simply pushed him off a cliff. by darth simba


Early LifeEdit

Darth Scar was born on Africa in 341400 BBY as Taka Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roc Gilbert du Motier. Ever since childhood he aspired to be better that his brother Darth Vader who was already a Sith Lord. When he was 21, he inherited money from an aunt. He struggled as a painter in Vienna, copying scenes from postcards and selling his paintings to merchants and tourists. After being rejected a second time by the Academy of Arts, falling into a deep depression he destroyed Tatooine.


In 341425 BBY Scar was a full fleged emo. Like many other depressed and usless people in those days he joined the Rebel Alliance. However he soon discovered that the rebels were not emo enough for him so he left. Shortly after he devised a plan to murder his brother to become the Sith Mega-Super-Overlord of Africa. He hired three Sith Lords, Darth Shenzi, Darth Banzai, and Darth Ed to create a stampede of Wildebeests endangering Darth Vaders' two sons Luke and Simba Skywalker. It was at this time that Darth Scar used the Doom Star to destroy the planet. Scar did not anticipate the utter crapness of Russian engineereing resulting in the weapon missfiring, Turning to his back up plan Darth Scar pushed Darth Vader off a cliff. Vader survived but was forced to wear a black leather suit for the rest of his life. Under the Imperial Equal Employment Act he was able to get a new job working at the Death Star. Now Darth Scar was the Overlord of Africa.

As KingEdit

Darth Scars' reign as overlord was short. Due to a environmental policy based on the philosophies of the Republican Party, Africa soon became a desert waste land rules by a series of pseudo democracies and dictators. Scar also made enemies of the Environmental Protection Agency by removing the solar panels from the roof of Pride Rock. In 341434 BBY he lost the Presidential Election to Democratic Candidate William Jefferson Clinton.

More laterEdit

Darth Scar attempted to regain the seat of power in the next two elections but eventually retired from politics in 341447 BBY. Twenty years later he published his memoirs outlining the gradual ecological, economic and social downturns that just happened to occur during his term in office entitled The Gradual Ecological, Economic and Social Downturns That Just Happend to Occur During My Term in Office.

This article is called Darth Scar. Darth Scar has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darth Scar can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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