Darth Shepard
Darth Shepard
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65,000 BBY


10,000 ABY

Physical description





1.8 meters

Hair color


Eye color

Red, Red, and in case you're colorblind, RED

Chronological and political information
  • Sith Council
"The only time I ever use a lightsaber is when I'm taking a piss in the bathroom."
―Darth Shepard

No, Darth Shepard wasn't that kind of Shepard, if he was, he'd be handing out search warrants to those little rogue Stormtroopers. Darth Shepard also is the only Sith Lord to ever not use a lightsaber, in fact he hated using lightsabers, and that includes when he took a piss.

Early LifeEdit

Darth Shepard was born on earth through unknown means, he never had a family and likely never will, well, except for one defect, which would be a sister which you must keep reading to find out about that hawt bitch *brows*. When he was 16 he joined the Sith which in turn made him a Sith Lord.

The Sith IssuesEdit

In the Sith Academy, Darth Shepard showed much prowess over his other fellow Sith. In turn, many of his Sithy buddies tried to assassinate him, but he still had one hell of an ego and was determined he could wipe out big giant Sarlaccs and greedy little Krayt Dragons that he outright despised. This in turn caught the attention of his lovely sister, whom we refer to as "Fem Shepard" since she thinks identities are only for bull shitters like her brother, but, oh my God, I'm off topic, next section.

The Genital FightConfrontationEdit

Eventually after killing his in total count 511th Sith, and then 1,097th Jedi, Darth Shepard's hot sister came after her brother in order to stop him from committing future murders of important Jedi. Upon confrontation of the two stared at each other for so god damn long that this is how Darth Shepard's eyes turned so god damn red, not blinking will do that just so you dont try it. :)

Female Shepard

Darth Shepard's really hot sister

In short, Fem Shepard told her brother to stop, he refused, but she offered him a gift of gratitude to make him stop, and he did stop. Unfortunately *evil laugh*.

Force PowersEdit

Darth Shepard was a master of certain powers like for instance Force Intimidation, Force I Dont Give a Fuck, Force I Dont Use Lightsabers, and of course... Force Sex. He also had Force bagel and Force lunch and all many others, but before I get Force Fucked, I think I better shut up.


  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex
  • Having Sex

Males Sith

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