What is this shit on my face? What the fuck?!! I didn't sign up for this! Fuck you 2girls1cup!
Darth Shitonus, the Retarded One
Biographical information

Tatooine because all Mary Sues are born there




Unknown (He's immortal, dammit!)

Physical description

Special Ed kid


Hermaphrodite (female personality with male genitals)


Unknown (because he's immortal)

Hair color

Shaves all hair, including teh pubez

Eye color

Red (when having seizures); black, normally, even though that's impossible


Probably his penis

Chronological and political information

Firefly era


Wannabe Sith

Known masters

unknown (he's fucking immortal dammit!)

Known apprentices

Padawan (NO WAI!!!)

"My brother's name is Padawan. Isn't that retarded? lolz."
―Darth Shitonus, commenting on his stupidity

Darth Shitonus (pronounced Shit-on-us) was the stupidest and first (or so he thought, but he was actually suffering from seizures that made him think he was even Force sensitive) Dark Lord of the Sith. He was born in the year unknown and died in the year unknown, because like all Mary Sues created by seven year old children, he was immortal. For some reason unexplainable and just because some kid thought it'd be cool, Darth Shitonus trained every Sith evah, including Darth Darth Binks.

He made Revan fall to the dark side after some "persuasion" and taught Darth Nihilus how to destroy your planet, by gassy means. He also made Darth Bane fall to the dark side and forced him to create the Rule of Two, even though Drew Karpyshyn would disagree since he has two best seller novels regarding the Sith Lord.

Once already, Shitonus has been PWNED by administrative punishment, also known as "Rapid entry by Jedi" or simply "getting raped". As it turns out, Shitonus had a brother named Padawan for reasons unknown, all of which must be of ultimate powah.

All in all, Shitonus was almost as bad as Lightninny; some would argue he was even worse.

Behind the scenes Edit

"I'm going to kill you. hahahahahahhaaaahaha!"
―Darth Shitonus's favorite quote of powah
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Also, Darth Shitonus received his name from the stars of 2girls1cup after he was involuntarily shit on. In reality though, he liked it.