Darth Slice
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Who knows will have a little problem


He is so strong with the Butter, that he cannot die.

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Do you have a bread with hair?

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Do you have a bread with eyes?


Do you have a bread with some metal or wired stuff?

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Rise of the Slice

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Darth Baker

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No, not yet

"Screw the Marg, Butter is the only true answer. I will butterocute everybody in my way!"
―Darth Slice

Darth Slice was a very powerful Sith Lord, best known for his fondness for bread and butter. He despised margarine, referred to simply as "marg," due to his deeply-held belief that marg desecrated the bread upon which it was spread, and that only butter should ever be so honored. His favorite weapon when wishing to commit planetcide was the Butter Star, a giant butter-making machine. His favorite Force powers were Force butterocute and Force slice a bread.


The BeginningEdit

The creator and master of Darth Slice was Darth Baker. No one exactly knows, when this Ultimate Act of Bakery occurred, but it was one of the darkest moments of the alaxy. As an apprentice of Darth Baker, Brediee (original name of Darth Slice, and one of reasons, why he hated his master) taught himself basic mysteries of the Dark Side of the Force. He found techniques like Zzzapp and *crunching in your neck* too ordinary and crude, so he developed his own techniques that used Butter. Darth Baker "reeeleezeed" (as he would say). Brediee was so skillful in making and using the Butter that Darth Baker promoted him to a Sith Lord and gave him title Darth Slice, the Lord of Butter.

A New EnemyEdit

During his assignments he met another Force-user, who had talent of making "good" breads. But Darth Slice found this Jedi who used Marg, instead of pure Butter, a traitor of the Force. So he had slain this Marg Marge, not because he was a Jedi hippie, but because he liked the Marg. He found his homeworld and did what needed to be done. That was his first great success. However, some of these "heretics" (as he called that unknown species) were on the other planets, so he gave his oath to the Butter, that he will hunt down every one last of them. And so, he did.

The Great HuntEdit

With his glorious Butter Star he found and destroyed all of those marg-like colonies. But his hunt was incomplete, so he had to find the last of those "heretics" (as he called that unknown species). He found Marg Marge Jr. on his own Butter Star, as the marger tried to take revenge for his father, his planet and his friends. In this duel Darth Slice realized his true Powah and he used the Force to PWN with lightsaber and butter to achieve victory.

Revenge of the SliceEdit

"Nooooo Breadieeee nooooo!"
―Darth Baker to Darth Slice shortly before his death

After being outcast by his own master, Darth Slice found his "brother" Darth Yeast. Both of them were enraged by their "father's" decision. They made a Pact of Evil; the Pastry Wars had begun. In the great duel, Darth Baker didn't stand a chance against his students. Darth Roll (Baker's fresh apprentice) was making his way through the galaxy and he couldn't help his master. And so, Darth Baker ended up in oven. It is not sure if he is dead, and his apprentices carried on. Later he found Darth Chef, the pupil of Darth Baker, on Tatooine. After The Epic Duel he killed his hated rival, finally having his revenge fulfilled.

Path of ButternessEdit

After these duels he went to unknown regions in search of the most Perfect Butter and since then nobody heard about him... For now...


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