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He be dead but his grave is too small to read

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Darth Elmo

"I am Darth Small and I am the ruler of this planet... What are you looking at, I'm over here... no... not up there, down here you moron. And why are you all laughing?"
―Darth Small, when he arrived on Daantooiine VII

Darth Small was a very small Dark Lord of the Sith from the planet Midget, he was smaller than Darth Jawa, in fact he was smaller than the smallest known creature in the galaxy. Which made him the smallest creature in the galaxy.

He attempted to destroy a planet once, but he failed because his Mini Death Star was too small to destroy the large planet he tried to destroy. The planet he attempted to destroy was Daantooiine VII, because its inhabitants had insulted him because he was small. After the failed attempt to take revenge they laughed at him again because his Mini Death Star had only managed to destroy a single building. This made Darth Small so angry that he contracted the Sesame Street Gang to destroy Daantooiine VII. The Sesame Street Gang then killed him

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This article is written very small because the normal text size is to big for Darth Small to read, and he demanded that the article be written so that he and his small minions could read it. He wanted to know if we didn't lie about him. (We know, he's a Loser. And yes, this part it written very big so he can't read it.)

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