Darth Tennant/Ten-Inch
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Before Time Began


The End of Time

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Sex symbol




10 inches

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Greasy and spiky

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All of them, he's a Time Lord



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Darth David Tennant AKA Darth Ten-Inch, David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor, Davytenny, and sometimes Essence when working the street corners was either your father or your lover, or both. Probably both. Not to mention, he was also a Sith Time Lord/Time Sith Lord/Gaylord during virtually every period of history, thanks to his ability to travel through time in his time machine, the TURDIS (Tennant, u r delicious in sex), disguised as an intergalactic portaloo. Ten-Inch was from the planet Gall-my-frey, which seems to get destroyed a lot, like his master-turned enemy-turned sex partner The Darth the Master. He escaped the horribly conservative world in a stolen TURDIS and began his sexual adventures across sexual space and dickytime, frequently with one or more muggers companions. The Doctor's tenth incarnation was born when the Ninth got so constipated, he exploded, and thus regenerated into his next incarnation. Tennant was subsequently influential in the rise and fall of the boner. He met his end when he absorbed one of Michael Moore's farts in order to save the life of the guy who would eventually invent Mott's Fruitsations, 'cause I mean, what would life be without shitty mushed up fruit? He has since regenerated into Matt Smith. He is also the sexiest man alive and you would let him do things to you, whether you previously thought you wanted him to or not.



The Ninth Doctor was about to quit the show after 2 seasons, so he regenerated in front of his Sith apprentice Rose Tyler. The result was surprising and quite good. He went from being the most godawful ugly big-nosed big-eared baldy to being the veritable sexiest man alive. The new Tenth Doctor then promptly ran out of the portaloo and began raping innocent men and women off the streets of British Coruscant. It was then that the Doctor truly realized his insatiable desire for sex with anything that possesses a hole, including you. From his penthouse suite, Chancellor Palpatine witnessed the entire fiasco and was pleased with Tennant's giving into his desires so much that he personally asked him to be his apprentice. Since the Rule of Two was still in effect, the Doctor was ordered to kill Rose, but not before he had some sweet shag time with her. What? He's David Fucking Tennant!

This article is called Darth Tennant. Darth Tennant has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darth Tennant can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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