Darth Transie
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Not known


Sometime around Exar Kun's death.



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Hair color

Are you blind! He's freakin' bald!

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Cool Sith Armor thing.

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Fag Era


His Sith Empire

Known masters

Darth Brandon

Jedi: "I don't think he should join us."
Transie: "Just 'cause I'm bald means I can't join the Jedi? You Jedi are all racist!"
— Transie and a Jedi

Darth Transie was a bald human male that was a Sith Mega-Super-Overlord.

Early LifeEdit

When he was either 12, 14, 15, or 16 (I don't know, don't blame me) his parents got really drunk at a nightclub and were killed in a car accident. Transie cried like a wimp in his bedroom and lashed out at a hot police babe. He was arrested, and charged with 5 years in juvie for attempted rape of a police officer. When he got out, he went to Dantooine, and got drunk at a cantina. He then tried (failed) to become a Jedi (wimp).

The Sith Empire(s)Edit

He joined the Sith, and hired a bunch of architects to build some academy on some world. When it was finished, he became the master and killed annoying Sith. He nearly died of boredom, and joined Revan's F***in' awesome Sith Empire. He eventually heard of Malak killing Revan and Revan killing Malak, so he joined Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus. When their empire broke up, he met Darth Brandon and they built their own empire.

Betrayal and Sad DeathEdit

"Brandon! I will kill you!"

Transie thought that Brandon had grown old (47), so he dueled his master. After 30 seconds, Brandon got tired, and took a nap. Transie then cut Brandon's head off, and (finally!) ruled the empire. He thought he was invincible, and threw an attack on Coruscant (something the other Sith Lords wouldn't do because they were pussies). Transie blew up one fourth of Coruscant, and nearly destroyed the Council Chambers. His flagship was then destroyed by 25 Republic dreadnoughts (yeah it happened, go cry in a closet), and his body was recovered by Sith troopers.


250px-Image-Darth Transel

Darth Transie, in the Hall of Sith Heroes.

He had a statue of himself put beside his tomb on Korriban and is mentioned in the Hall of Sith Heroes, because he was the first Sith Lord to have the guts, grits, and balls to attack Coruscant (the other guys who attacked Coruscant were Darth Vader and some Sith guy). He was called a Sub-Sith'ari, one of the toughest Sith Lords of all time, and able to destroy your planet.

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