Darth Turnip
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"Turnip or no turnip, that is the question!"
―Darth Turnip, in a philosophical mood

Darth Turnip was a Turnip (species|Turnip Dark Lord of the Sith. He commanded the legions of turnip during the Turnip Civil War in Turnip BBY. A Turnip-like Turniper Darth Turnip turniped with a turnip style turnip-saber. Turnip! Due to his lack of limbs and bones, Darth Turnip used turnipkinetic turnipsaber combat. His wore a suit of turnip armor, as well as turnips and a turnip-turnip, not to turnip his turnip. However, when Turnip Master Turnip-Pizza-Turnip apprehended Darth Turnip, all turnip broke turnip, and turnip turnip turnip-turnip. Turnip turnip but turnip fart turnip of turnip-turnip yelloe turnip. Turnip!

Somewhere or another, he was always PWNed, cooked, and served on a plate to cries of, "Mom, can't we just skip to desert?"

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