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Dart Vladimir was the offspring of the KGB. All members of the organization were likely to have been involved in his conception so it is unclear who the real parents were. Shortly after birth it was discovered that he was a vampire ninja assassin and so the organization abandoned him for legal reasons in Romania. Here he was found by Darth Fang who taught Vladimir the ways of the Sith and laser fang.

After leaving Transylvania to become a fully fledged Sith Supreme Overlord he met the KGB in the United Soviet Socialist Galactic Sector where he took control of the KGB. As the chief USSGS agent in charge of KGB he was severely injured by a wooden stake in an assassination attempt by Jax Pavan 007.

After this he lost his laser fangs due to not being a vampire anymore. Feeling quite despondent he stole ambassador Robert Kraft’s legendary NFL Schwartz Ring and corrupted it by putting Darth Trotsky’s force ghost into it. After which Darth Vladimir was able to overthrow Dart Stalin and take over the USSGS. Darth Stalin’s force ghost was also put into the the NFL Schwartz Ring.

With the new power from two Soviet Sith Lords (SSLs) in his possession he attempted to invade the Ukraine system but was only able to  annex the moon of Crimea. He also sent It was also alleged by Jedi Master Barack Obama that he shipped blue shadow virus warheads to the Syrian rebels but these allegations were soon dismissed by Supreme Angela Merkel who desperately needed the help of the Sith Supreme Overlord to stop the Republic from exploding.

He enjoys drinking vodka, long tank rides in -500 C temperatures and wrestling space bears. One of his future ambitions is the wrestle the planet of Alaska back under USSGS control. He is very close friends with Darth Xi and the Sith Lords of North Korea.

Putin bear

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