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Darth voorhees

Darth "yo mama" Voorhees

"chchch,ahahah......fuck yo shit!*fires gun sideways like a 'gangsta'* biiiiotch!"

Darth voorhees A.K.A darth killer,Jason Voorhees,ugly and retard

he lived on earth52 and drowned as a young child then his mommy got her head chopped off then he became a rage of un-killable emotions so he killed anyone who set foot on camp crystal lake (alderan, he survived the explosion) he mostly killed teens who fucked and got stoned(hippies) he has died 13 times and his ability to live is still yet to be explained(probably a lack of love from mommy). He is mostly known for his dope rhyms and is widley credited as one of the best rappers in the universe.Not much is known about his child hood but he had a brief relationship with aayla secura


"chchch ahahah"

"i'll slaughter you and yo group, ya'll like a big pile of poop. i'll make you beg and make you scream and maybe after i'll give yo lady some of my gangsta cream. ya i fucked yo woman,wutcha gunna do? i'll rape this whole planet including you!"

"i am the killah, the blood spillah. I'll make you wish you wasn't a believah, i'll make you love death and it's wonders yo and yo group aint nothin but blunders. I win i Won i am the best, you ain't gettin nothin but a knife through yo chest!!!"

" excuse me kid i didn't notice you or yo group, i'll slaughter you like a rebel troop. I'll fuck yo sista then neva call back, you and yo whole rebellion is wack. You're tryin to rap but don't even bother! cause guess what! luke i am yo father!!!" Luke skywalkers defeat at the hands of voorhees

This article is called Darth Voorhees. Darth Voorhees has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darth Voorhees can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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