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Waluigi The Dancing Queen
Darth Waluigi
Biographical information



18 BBY



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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Galactic Empire


Sith, Smash Rejects

Known masters

Darth Vader, Donald Trump the hutt

Known apprentices



–Darth Waluigi

Darth Waluigi was a sith lord who lived during the years of the Galactic Empire and was notable for his sexiness. He had a very fly mustache and was comparable (yet lower) to even Darth Vader in sexiness.

Early Life and BiographyEdit

Darth Waluigi was born when his mother pooped him out after eating an Alaskan Burrito. Waluigi was unbelievably foul-smelling so she threw him in the side of a ditch. Then some spice dealers found him and sprayed him down with Bacon cans, making him smell meh. Then Darth Vader found him (due to the wretched stench of Bacon and Diarrhea) and noticed he was force sensitive so he brought him to the sith temple, where Waluigi trained until the 829th of October. He finally became ready. His first person to hunt down was Ezra Bridger, a very mentally handicapped Space-Aladdin figure. On Waluigi's mission, he ate only Dank Memes and the power of the force to survive.

Fanboys and trump === after Darth WaluigI proved himself when he survived 962 Fanboys, rabid, savage species that come from many systems, in this case the Microsoft system, he was scouted by Sith hutt lord Donald Trump the hutt and they trained. They focused on the ways of Dankness, but time came when Waluigi had to kill his master, but Shrek escaped on his Pimped out land speeder. WARIO took in a fat apprentice named WARIO.

Hunt of Space Alladin and Kanan Jarrus Edit

Darth Waluigi had traveled the galaxy trying to find Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, but when he finally cornered them, they jumped into Super Smash Bros, so Waluigi could never get (Ba Dum Tss!). After that Waluigi cursed Kanan Jarrus because he was too cowardly to face his powerful and sharpened, raw power.

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