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This is the Greatest Series Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wars are going on it's the Siths Versus the Jedi.Three Big Empires,Darth Vader Empire,Elmo Empire & Nuclear Power Plant Empire(Renamed Bart's Empire later in the Series)are uniting to destroy the Jedi!

Super Mega-Sith Overlords(Protaganists)

Darth Vader:Leader of The Doom Tri-Force,his suit is Gold & He is Awesome!

Darth Animal:He is now controlling the Elmo Empire,& is even more destructive then ever.

Darth Bart:Son of Darth Homer,he plans to avenge his Father by Taking over the Nuclear Power Plant Empire.

Jedi Knight Mega Overlords

Master Sherri:She is the New leader.She wields a Dual-Sided Lightsaber!

Master Milhouse:He is the Leader of The Jedi Air Force!

Master Robin:The Last Remaining survivor of The Doom Tri-Force Attack on Whimpoolon.

Deaceased Charcters:

Jedi Master Marge:Killed in the 5th Episode by Darth Bart after Revealing that Darth Homer was his Father.

Darth Carl & Darth Lenny:They were killed by Darth Bart after realising that they were Traitors.

Darth Smithers:He was also a traitor & Was Killed.

Jedi Knight Lisa:In the First Season Finale,She confronted Darth Bart,Her Brother.Despite Weakeaning Him,She was still Killed.

Episode List:

Season 1(The Battle Begins)

Jailbraker Episode1 Airdate:August 30,2010

Calling All Overlords Episode2 Airdate:September 2nd,2010

Unstable Episode3 Airdate:September 4th,2010

DESTROY YOUR PLANET Episode4 Airdate:September 6th,2010

Legacy Episode5 Airdate:September 8th,2010

Space Titan Episode6 Airdate:September 10th,2010

Castle Trap-Part 1-3 Episode7-10 Airdate:September 12th,2010

Releasing,Not An Option Episode11 Airdate:September 14th,2010

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