Darth Wyyrlok scowling at you.

"Wyyrlok! Go make me a sandwich!"
Darth Fanon

Darth Wyyrlok was, in essence, Darth Fanon's nanny. In his spare time, Wyyrlok liked to practice witchcraft.

Exploitation by FanonEdit

Fanon was known to use Wyyrlok as a coat rack, seeing as he has such useful horns. He yelled at Wyyrlok every day. He called him fat and made him work weekends. Wyyrlok was very unhappy being Krayt's man-wife. One day as he swept behind the Embrace of Pain he decided to get his revenge on Fanon and rule the galaxy himself.

Fanon gets his comeuppanceEdit

Wyyrlok waited for the oppurtune moment to get Fanon, revenge plans stewing in his mind all the while. One day, Wyyrlok was hosting Fanon's 200th birthday party when things went awry. It's not quite clear what really happened. All Wyyrlok remembers is that he took a blow to the head. When he woke up, the Sith Temple was a mess. The floors were covered in puke. Antares Draco had written 'Draco wuz here' on every wall, Cade Skywalker had left a little 'present' in his office, and Gar Stazi was lying beside him nude. He rose to his feet and wandered around looking for Fanon until he found him passed out on a pile of holocrons. He saw his oppurtunity and seized it. He toasted Fanon to a crisp with Sith Lighning while smiling and laughing maniacally.

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