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Tommy dies

Tommy is killed.

Tomm dogg
Biographical information




Physical description





3 feet tall

Hair color

Only had a few of them

Eye color

His eyes were filled with horrible hatred


None, unless you count the gun he always carried around

Chronological and political information

The Sith

Known masters


Known apprentices

Chuckie Phil Lil

Darth Tommy was one of the most evil sith lords in the entire galaxy, despite the fact that he never grew to be any more than a few years old.


He was born due to a broken condom...due to the fact that his father decided to save money by buying cheap ones. Unfortunately, his mother couldn't resist the urge to smoke crack while she was still pregnant with him, thus his mind became warped by the toxic drug and he eventually became a crazy psychopath must like many other Sith Lords.

He eventually murdered his own parents, using a gun that he found in his Grandpa's closet. Unfortunately, he had chosen to keep a memento of his days in the military, and was later framed for the crime when Tommy also placed beer into the closet to make the police believe that he had a hangover.

He later smothered his hated enemy Angelica using a foul-smelling diaper, causing her to choke to death on the lethal nerve gas.


Tommy tried to go into call of duty and take over, but Price killed him.

The ones

Sex talk.

The SAS and Force Reconnaissance operatives then attempted to flee from the silo, but the Street that was crucial to their escape was destroyed by an  helicopter. During the fire fight on the bridge, Staff Sergeant Fuckhole of the Force Reconnaissance was killed by dickhead while attempting to save Price. Tommy and his bodyguards arrived to the scene. Tommy personally executed operative Angelica and his bodyguards shot two other Moron commandos, and he moved to kill John Price.

Suddenly, tommy and his bodyguards were distracted by the explosion of their Dicks, caused by pubirty and the arrival of Sergeant Kamarov's troops. Phil used this opportunity to slide his gun to price , and while tommy had his back turned, he and his bodyguards were shot dead by Price.

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