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Darthianity was a religous group that was secret before the time of those freaky, sitcky, out eyed retards that built that big Star Forge. It was the very core of all the Sith Empires that ever existed. For the whole of time, it was ruled by one key figure, Darth Pope, a Sith Super Mega Overlord. Darth Pope was the father of Darth Darth Binks , Darth Sidious , and the all powerful, Darth Elmo. He was so powerful, that he could destroy himself with a single bullet, now thats something.

Formation of the ReligionEdit

Darthianity was created before the Universe itself, meaning that Darth Pope was kinda a god, which really throws everything about Christianity in the bin. Darth Pope created the word Darth from the word Darth, and every Sith Super Mega Overlord has taken the name since. Darth Pope got bored so created galaxies and worlds with living things in them, who obeyed his every command, and I mean everything, if ya know what I mean. But while forming the Universe, he accidently lit one of his farts on fire and the resulting droppage was a load of assholes, thus creating humans , which did not obey him. The humans formed their own religion, Christianity, which they would soon get rid of and become Atheist, meaning they only believe in beans.

Darth PopeEdit

Darth Pope kinda looks life his second son, Darth Sidious. It may be because they're the same person, but you dont know that so stop asking! His first followers were two children who wanted to become Darth One and Darth Two.

Darth pope2

Darth Pope trains his first followers.

After thousands of years training to become a full fledged member of Darthianity, they believed they were more powerful then Darth Pope, and planned to kill him. However, due to Darth Pope been God, he saw this and made them into the first Jawa' s. NOW YOU CAN STOP ASKING WHERE THEY CAME FROM.

Early LifeEdit

Darth Pope never had a childhood, because he couldn't afford one. He was born from nothing, in a sea of nothing, and then created something. In his first years of being Darth Pope, he did not know how powerful he was until he opened a can of sardines with his fingernails. After seeing that he was more powerful, he opened a fridge without touching it. This shocked him, and his power led from there.

Rise of the AssholesEdit

When Darth Pope accidently added way to much assholes to the Universe, humans, they created their own religion which was set against destorying the evil Sith Empire, and at its core, Darthianity. Darth Pope had no choice but to start recruiting assholes, pulling them away from their religion, and increasing Darthianity's member. He converted them by promising them peace and power.

This article is called Darthianity. Darthianity has been written from a simple, Ric Olié point of view. A non-simple version of Darthianity can be read on Darthipedia. Darthipedia is the Star Wars Humor Wiki.

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