Darthipedians are those strange people who will never experience the joy of women, sunlight, religion, or anything normal. They tend to be reclusive and avoid sunlight. They also tend to be very pale, and wear strange attire (like white sewer pipes made to look like armor, dirty old blankets, etc).

The Code of DarthipediansEdit

The Code of Darthipedians is an excerpt from a drunken rant noble speech delivered by Cassus Fett to his Mandalorian Legions before battle:

"We few, we proud few, we band of brothers! We who are bound by... Oh bugger, where was I? Ah yes. We who are united in bonds of... Oh damn, I forgot again! Together, we will persevere through our duracrete-headed stubbornness! Terrible shall be the fate of our foes! Spartans!!! Errhh... Mandalorians! Tonight, we dine on bantha poodoo!"

"Wait, something's wrong with that. Damn it all! Damn! Buggerit, you nob-headed twits! Kill 'em!"

As one can see, it is not a very informative code. That is why the wise rulers of Darthipedia created the Golden Rule.

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