One of the Earliest Datapads.

"Wow, seven hundred gigs of porn, what a perv."
―A stormtrooper, upon finding Darth Vader's datapad

Datapads were simple computers roughly the size of your hand that could used for countless functions from self entertainment to porn and even, in some rare cases, actual data storage and sharing.

History Edit


Rich person's Datapad awaiting to be assed!

"It's a da-ta-pad. New Republic and Imperial children learn about them in school."
Ton Phanan to Garik "The Face" Loran

In the early days of the pad in 2000 BBY the pads were immense machines that required a personal Jawa to carry. Datapads contained a memory of about 70,000 bigshitabytes and for noobs that's equivalent to about 1,000,000,000 gigabytes. Everyone in the galaxy used a datapad for data storage and other necessities. They were produced in gajillions by demand and people seemed to always have a need for them.

Functions Edit

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Datapads could be used for countless functions from self-entertainment to porn. Some rich persons and aliens within the galaxy used Datapads to simply wipe their asses. People were known to keeps various Datapads and Datacards for themselves. Everything could be run by a Datapad and hackers seemed to rob millions of banks. Thanks to grade-a, Imperial security code-slicers commonly hacked stuff and screwed up countless lives. Thanks to the Datapad the electronic world was accessible, easy to take advantage of, and people had less rashes on their asses.

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