"Shit.. Okay I'll take black boot polish. As much black metal and plastic you can muster. I'll also need a hammer and some glue. Not to mention the M&M's"
―Palpatine ordering the parts for Vader's suit
"Now witness the deliciousness of this fully equipped and operational food court!"
―Emperor Palpatine

The Death Star Mall and Food Court was a mall and food court created on 19 BBY that was located on the first Death Star. It was located primarily on levels 150 to 160 near the hypermatter annihilator reactor.


It all started long ago, when Darth Bill and Shmi Skywalker loved each other very mu— uh, too long ago. Anakin just won the pod-rac— err, crap. Anakin was transformed to Darth Vade-Damn, a bit too long. Palpatine commanded his troops to build a Death Star. While in the making, Palpy had to pee very bad. So, he commanded his troops to make sure to build a restroom in the food court. The troops asked why would there be a restroom if there is no drink stand. So, he told them to build a drink stand, but paused, then commanding them to build a food court, with a mall with it. So, that is how he get our shopping needs if our computer doesn't work, or if we are noobs that don't have one.


  • IMPS
  • Old Imperial Navy
  • JCPalpatine's
  • Baddy's
  • TIEs'R'us
  • Wilhuff'n'stuff
  • Tagge-it
  • Kohl's
  • The Sither Image


  • DeathStarbucks - Try the Jabbachino!
  • Nerfburger King - Straight from Alderaan burned to a crisp!
  • Krake's Frinked Chubas (KFC) - They're still moving so you gotta eat them quick!
  • Sithabun- With a new icy filling!
  • Auntie Amidala's Pretzels - Fresh toasted pretzel from Nabooboo!
  • The Coruscant Baked Yodas (TCBY) - Coruscant's baked Yodas, or Frogs, fresh from the, err, oven!
  • Ben and Wormies - Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker's ice cold ice cream!
  • The Hard Heart Cantina - get your drink on with a sexy Twi'lek!
  • The Chow Wow Buffet- soggy noodles and old egg rolls. Get em' today!
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