Darth Vader

Darth Vader asking a random stranger for the location of the plans

"The Death Star plans are missing"
Darth Obvious on the Death Star plans

The Death Star plans were detailed schematics of the Death Star, and contained various details of the Death Star's weapons and weaknesses. The plans were placed in the most secure imperial vault on Coruscant, guarded by over a hundred of the emperor's best stormtroopers. Needless to say, they were easily stolen by just about everybody.


The origins of the Death Star begin on Geonosis during the Clone Wars, this was originally supposed to be a Separatist super weapon. the Separatists were ready to build their new weapon, but then Dookie decided to loan the plans to Palpy that weekend, and to Dookie's surprise, good old innocent Palpy "accidentally" lost the plans! Eventually the Separatists abandoned the idea, when they learned that giant hovering balls seemed stupid and would send the wrong message to their enemies.

After the Galactic Republic was changed to the Galactic Empire, Palpy "found" the plans in his couch, and decided to build the super weapon and named it the Death Star, due to the fact that "giant laser ball, just sounds stupid".

Over the years the Palpy's secret vault was broken in to over and over again, the first time this happened he ran over there and he saw his porn stash was missing, then he also noticed that the death star plans were missing, and decided to send Vader to find his porn... i mean plans, anyway the plans were eventually purchased at a swap meet by rebel intelligence.

People who stole the Death Star plansEdit


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