Planet of origin

Decapod 10

Height of average adult

Shorter than you

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color

White and beady


Can squirt ink

"And those co-workers, always looking down on us Zoidbergs. What are they? From Nob Hill? They're all like, 'Stop spraying me with ink, Zoidberg!' 'Put on pants, Zoidberg!'"
―Some Decapodian... probably Ackbar or something

The Decapodians were a race of aquatic fish people, or crab people, or lobster people, or trilobite people, from Decapod 10 that were never quite accepted into the Galactic Republic because of their stench, bizarre sexual practices, parasites, and occasional warmongering.

Sometime between the Old Republic and New Republic eras, the Decapodians were exterminated by an assault fleet made up of Selkath, Mon Calamari, Aqualish, Quarren, Flesh Raiders, Iskalonians, and Karkerr, kerrkadurka, Kerkrakerkurr... shark people like Riff Tamson. Apparently, the alliance of aquatic species felt the Decapodians made them all look silly.

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