Deep Throats

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Lil' Dicky


69 BBY


69 minutes






Repeated alien lines from KotOR



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Deep Throats Episodes II: Time to Make the Donuts

"Yeah, I was poppin' a lot of Reese's Pieces when I made that film... Where did I go wrong?"
Grebleips on filming Deep Throats
"Where did I go wrong?"
―Grebleips' mother on raising Grebleips
"Where did I go wrong?"
supergeeky1 on writing this article

Deep Throats was a trippy pornography about a sexually frustrated Ithorian exotic dancer named Misty stuck on the icy world of Hoth after taking a three-hour tour that went horribly wrong. After being forced to eat her fellow passengers, the woman is left with no one to satisfy her sexual needs... That's where the fun begins.


The film stars Kreia the Hag as the protagonist, who miraculously didn't need any makeup to play the Ithorian woman. She did, however, require a complex tracheotomy prior to filming, a procedure necessitated by the scene where her two mouths are... well... you figure it out.

Costars included Abe Vigoda as the dianoga, Monica Luwampa as herself, Jerry Mathers as "The Beaver," and Mark Hamill as the mysterious "El Dirty Sanchez!".


The film's release surprised many, both positively and negatively. Several critics agreed that the many jokes about the Wookiee Holocaust contained within the film were in very poor taste, forcing many Wookiee females to boycott the film. Others, such as Wookiee males[1] and lesbians[2] agreed that the film was awesome and went to theaters to see it as many as hundreds of times.

Perhaps one of the most acclaimed features of the movie was the climactic threesome scene where Misty receives a Cleveland steamer from El Dirty Sanchez! to warm her from the freezing temperature of Hoth while at the same time being "pleased" by the dianoga. The scene, however, caused many televisions to explode due to the volume of the resulting orgasm.

Both Wes Janson and Gavin Darklighter viewed the film multiple times, remarking that the actresses were not hairy enough.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Madclaw sez: Ithorian pron FTW
  2. She said somewhere she wanted to touch Keira Knightly and/or Scarlet Johansen's boobs, that so makes her a dyke!

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