Deliah Blue

Damn, she's hot. She, of course, is Deliah Blue, a busty Zeltron babe from... can you guess it? No, not Zeltron. It's actually called Zeltros. Yes, the Zeltron people were kind enough to differ the names of their species and planet by a whole letter. The galaxy is such an imaginative place. Anyway, Deliah Blue is truly beautiful. She hangs around with this blonde human guy, most likely because he is also hot. She's the mechanic of the Mynock. I'm sure you can easily imagine her crawling underneath, moving her hands up and down as she polishes the integral components, patching any leaks and making sure everything works perfectly. However, these actions are not the only thing she has ever done.


As a child – wait, she's a smokin' hot babe. Who wants to hear about her childhood?

Deliah Blue was known well for all of her traits, and crewed the Mynock since time began. She was born a smokin' hot babe, and remained that way for all eternity. Her beautiful blue hair flowed as she fixed anything a man could give her. She was an expert with the hydrospanner, which was a long metal rod useful for many things. She was also an expert at clothing, and had a special design that made it seem that her luscious body was tearing her shirt asunder. She often used her Zeltron wiles to get what she wanted, and by that I mean bow chika bow wow. She even did it with her crew members when she was bored or needed leverage. Somehow nobody could resist her: Maybe because of her supple waist, or maybe because of her species' ability to exude pheromones that will turn any species on. However, whatever it was began to wear off with time.

At one point, Deliah could not influence her partner, Cade Skywalker, to heal her from an STD. So she took some pills that made it fatal and gave it to one of her friends. Both of them started getting really, really horny and lied around on the ground all day moaning in pain and other emotions that are hard to describe. Therefore, Skywalker decided to heal her in the only way he knew how: With his hand. Needless to say, the experience gave him so many emotions that are hard to describe that he turned to the Dark Side. But who cares about the guy? This is about the smokin' hot babe. She got her wiles back because of the healing of Skywalker's magic fingers, and so moved on to get him back to the Jedi. The rest is history, and a whole lot of fanboys having whet dreams.

Born without a sense of humor? We are inspired by your courageous struggle. …Just kidding. Get the hell out of here and go read Wookiepedia's "real" article on Deliah Blue.

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