Lord Vader....Destroying your Muun

"Palpy did!"
Darth Vader to a Muun would-be Sith apprentice

Destroy your Muun was a pun employed by Palpatine during a particularly festive celebration with the Sesame Street puppets that involved liberal amounts of libation. The Galactic Emperor coined the phrase after a rather risqué conversation with Darth Elmo, in which the red-furred Sith described his borderline indelicate exploits on the planet Yoyo.


"That's nothing! Why, you should have seen what I did to my Sith Master! Don't mess with me, man...cause I'll destroy your Muun!"
―The Emperor being a funny guy

Following Elmo's revelation of the exact nature of Yoyo's destruction, Ole Palpster, his voice thick with Corellian ale, proceeded to demonstrate his superior comedic skills by making light of the betrayal and murder of his former master, Darth Plagueis. Darth Vader made use of Palpatine's teachings when killing San Hill.

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