The Deth Star near its completion

"She will not even be the slightest threat."
―Chalmun to The Emperor

The Deth Star was an moon-sized military battlestation armed with a planet-destroying superlaser, at least it was supposed to be. It was called the 'Deth Star' because Darth Cyrus did not want to look like she was copying the Empire's Death Stars.


The Deth Star was created when Darth Cyrus was mad and wanted to blow up Chalmun's Cantina, where she previously worked. She began begging for money until she had enough to build it. It was built by the people who felt sorry for Darth Cyrus when she was crying in the streets for money on Tatooine.


"That's no moon. It's a cantina."
"It's too big to be a cantina.
―Two drunk smugglers

After the completion of the Deth Star and the death of Darth Cyrus it was converted into the galaxy's largest cantina by her old boss where the galaxies' worst scum and villains would come together to eat and drink.

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