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"Make Tatooine Great Again!"

Donald Trump the Hutt or just Donald Trump is a big fat slimy crusty tan Hutt (AKA slimy diarrhea) that was very rich just like Jabba and had hair so bad that it is said people who looked at it would think they are being mugged and throw money at him.
Donald and his large spherical chin

Donald the Hutt

Biography Edit

He started out being born by his dad on the distant planet Poopitopolis and my rubbed into some filet mignon. He was then attached with a gravity stabilizer because he was so fat that he may swallow the Rishi Maze with his immense gravity. He then took his dad's money and became really rich. He had an obsession with himself so he claimed the planet and put statues of himself everywhere. They were all made out of Durasteel but he made the neighboring planet pay for them all. He hates every species other than Hutt and human. When he was a full adult, he ran for galactic emperor, but emperor palpatine proceeded to lightning strike him. Then there was an epic beam duel of fates from the intense UV rays from his over tanned face and Emperor Palpatine's Lightning. In the end, Trump lost because his money caught fire and he had to surrender. He lived on. 


Very arrogant and loves himself. He is delighted that he is a hermaphrodite because that is the only person he thinks is good enough to make love to. He is also very rich. Very very rich, and the only person who thinks his hair is good. He's so arrogant he'll make you want to throw up more than a Deadly Burrito.        
Donald the hutt

A very sad Donald after his hair was shaved.

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