Darth Maul in true form.

"Double the pain, double the fun!"
―Darth Maul

Double-bladed lightsabers were lightsabers which mounted a blade at each end; they were overrated, overused in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, and were definitely a weakness. Only Darth Maul knew how to properly wield one, yet look how he ended up. All double-bladed lightsaber users died in battle, because their overrated lightsabers were useless. Sith usually tricked their apprentices into believing that getting a double-bladed lightsaber would make you more skillful, however it was a simple ploy to prevent a Sith Apprentice from killing his master. The main issue is that when you attempt to do an overhead strike, you end up with your own goddamn weapon sticking out through your gut.

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The origin of the Double Bladed lightsaber came about when Darth Emo was playing with super glue and a pair of lightsabers. After he accidentally glued the bottoms of the two lightsabers together and couldn't get them off, he decided to act like it wasn't a mistake and to say that he had invented the double-bladed lightsaber because at the time it was a good idea. After his secret apprentice Darth Pikachu stabbed himself whilst wielding the double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Emo tried to throw it away, only for it to be found by Darth Maul many years later.