Vader Officers

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The Droidz

All four droidz. (yes droid 3 is a fag)

The Droidz Team was a team of four droids, each created with Legos by some fag, that look all fucked up after being exploded so many times. They are most well known for each having a Crotch Lazer, that they use to defeat deadly enemies. Their main objective in life is to destroy as many objects containing carrots as possible, due to it helping them earn Special Bonuses in life.


Most of the members are often just named "droid", because the fag that created them never looked up names on Wikipedia.

Droid 1Edit

Droid 1 is mostly used in the group as a washing machine, due to it looking, and working like a washing machine and it having long arms, that it uses to grab clothes and wash them all neat and clean. It has a huge dick on top of its head that it uses to fire the crotch lazer.

Droid 2Edit

Droid 2 is used mostly in the group for storing super secret energy drinks, or maybe just some heated up crack, or jizz. This is because it looks like a water bottle traveling on some device made by Spin Master.

Droid 3Edit

Droid 3 looks like a fag, and acts like one too.

Droid 4Edit

Droid 4 is basically just a giant green penis with a smaller Asian one on top on it that it uses to fire the crotch lazer.

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