Planet of origin


Average length

10 to 100 m

Average wingspan

Freakin' huge

Skin color



What? They're dragons

"Captain, sensors are detecting a – oh, come on, who's writing this crap?"
―Republic scout, spotting a Duinguinvuinschwuin on sensors

The Duinguinvuinschwuin were giant spaaaaaaaaaaaace! They lived for thousands of years and grew to be the size of spaceships. They made their homes deep inside dormant volcanoes, where they gathered together large hordes of treasure, including things like swords of wounding +2 and gauntlets of ogre power.

They were wise, mysterious, but also quick to anger... and they could burninate entire villages. Eragon was friends with a bunch of them. Currently, this species is considered extinct thanks to the efforts of the Dovahkiin. Fus Ro Dah!

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