Foolish users of Darthipedia, I and the rest of the Trekkie Nation mock you for your arrogance [1]!

Eleven Reasons Anything Star Trek Would Kick Anything Star WarsEdit

1. There's only one fully operational Death Star.

2. Star Trek ships are more numerable and generally mount more weapons than equivalent Star Wars ships and are much more agile than Star Destroyers.

3. The innumerable amount of Borg drones could adapt faster to Imperial or Rebel technology. One, maybe, two Death Star strikes before it becomes useless.

4. Starfleet can train troops faster and more effectively with the holodecks.

5. One letter: 'Q' [2].

6. Luke and Han only get one kiss each over the course of three movies! And Leia is Luke's sister. Kirk's got an entire line of women waiting from three seasons.

7. You never see Janeway in a tacky metal bikini... (thankfully!)

8. The UFP has better methods of interogation: holodecks.

9. Even the Enterprise NX-01 has more weapons and has more backup personnel and parts than the Millennium Falcon.

10. Who needs blasters when you can just beam enemy troops right out of their ships?

11. Stormtroopers can't shoot anything, even redshirts hit the broadside of a barn once in awhile.

Q portrait

You primitive beings are so much easier to provoke.

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