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Enforcers of Disney

The Enforcers of Disney

The Enforcers of Disney was a Sith duo consisting of Darth Donald and Darth Goofy. They made those who opposed Darth Disney feel his wraith. They would come to take a maniac under their wing that called himself Snoke.

Absence Edit

The Enforcers, along with their master Darth Disney, disappeared unexplainably. It would appear they went into the shadows leaving Snoke to do their dirty work. There has been speculation that there may be a power struggle between Darth Disney and Darth Darth Binks, who would overpower Darth Disney alone, therefore requiring the Enforcers to help him. If this feud is indeed taking place it likely is in the Unknown Regions. The apprentice of Snoke Kylo Ren was thought to have been sexually assaulted by Darth Goofy, and was confirmed to have been by Snoke. It is possible they will return and reclaim Snoke's temporary power then use it to further wage war against anything not Disney Star Wars. This would make sense because George Lucas has been thought to be in league with Darth Binks. Lucas was quoted saying "Disney is a bunch of white Nazi slave driving fucks, they forced me to sell Star Wars. Binks and I will make them Pay." Although what he meant by that was never made clear

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