Spaceballs 36

Darth Vader flies the biggest oversized hulk of trash in the galaxy.

The Executor was a massive Star Destroyer built by the Empire so that Darth Vader could have something to play with when he wasn't destroying planets. Like all Star Destroyers, it looked like a flying slice of pizza. Its propulsion unit utilized the latest advances in fuel, with 100% pure High Octane bantha poodoo as the main power source. The Executor was equipped with powerful weapons, such as anti-burrito guns and THAI-Fighter Sauce.

Command was given to Admiral Firmus Piett because Darth Vader had to go and destroy some Rebel Scum with the Death Star. He remained in command until the Executor was destroyed by a drunken space-trucker who crashed into the bridge when he missed a stop sign, which caused a thermonuclear explosion that killed everyone onboard the ship. The remains of the Executor crashed into the Death Star, blowing it up and causing the Endor Holocaust.

Interior DesignEdit


Darth Vader poses imposingly on his flying pizza slice.

The Executor had only three compartments, and they were:

  • The Bridge
  • The Hangar
  • Darth Vader's Hard-Boiled Egg

The Hangar was a big empty thing that had no purpose other than to let Lord Vader hold big parades with his stormtroopers when he came aboard on his shuttle. The Bridge was the only place that had any use, which was controlling the ship. It also served as Darth Vader's press room, and the Dark Lord frequently posed for propaganda documentaries. The Egg-Room had no apparent use.

Destruction RumorEdit

Executor Crashing Into McDonald's

Very sad.

While it was believed that the Executor crashed into the Death Star, there was a rumor that it was destroyed when it smashed into a McDonald's restaurant and went out of control.

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