Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger aka Space Bart Simpson or Space Artful Dodger, not to be confused with the Jack Russell Terrier from the cult classic Disney movie, Oliver & Company, is a reincarnation of the popular Disney character Aladdin. Ezra grew up in the hood where he was poor and got his ass kicked on a daily basis. His weapon of choice was a slingshot with no lethal capability. A Jedi (sort of) named Kanan Jarrus took Ezra as his apprentice because he was the first person Kanan had met that was stupider than he was. 

Ezra encountering Darth Vader, somehow he survived.

Somehow Darth Vader, an experienced Jedi killer who killed hundreds of Jedi, could not manage to kill little Ezra and his little buddies.


Ezra learns his Sling Shot is a horrible weapon.

Ezra has a Slingshot that fires Stun Balls. He thinks his 

Ezra tries to have Relations with Sabine!

weapon is pretty cool but he soon finds out that his weapon is Retarded as Fuck and is basically useless against everyone that is over the age of 4. Ezra later upgrades his stupid slingshot to a Staple Gun which is  equally useless.

Since Ezra can use the Force he tries to use the Mind Trick ability to get women to have Relations with him but since he is barely connected to the Force his mind tricks always fail. He once made the mistake of trying to trick Sabine , she shot him in the head but that didnt kill him, it only made him severely mentally handicapped.

Ezra also keeps a Private Diary.

Diary Ezra

Here is an exert from his Diary about the day he met Sabine.

Ezra Steals Milton's StaplerEdit

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Milton confronts Exra

Ezra once made the mistake of stealing Milton's Stapler, and that was the last Straw for Milton so he burned down the Rebels ship "The Ghost" he burned it down to the ground in a fit of autistic rage.

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Ezra is killed by Kanan while Zeb and Hera watch.

Ezra's DemiseEdit

After his encounter with Darth Vader Ezra built a Lightsaber with a Stun gun built into it. When he was done building it he gave it to Kanan to inspect, Kanan was very angry because Ezra's Lightsaber was so utterly stupid. And in a fit of Rage Kanan ignited the Lighsaber into Ezra's Face, Zeb and Hera (who were watching) applauded and told Kanan "it  was the right thing to do". and they all lived happily ever after.

Alternate HistoryEdit

Comic 9

Yoda easily defeats Ezra

Comic 8

Yoda confronts Ezra

In an alternate History Ezra is actually killed by Yoda who had sensed a great disturbance in the Force emanating from the Planet Lothal. Yoda traveled to Lothal to restore the balance, once there the Force guided him to a boy named Ezra, Yoda confronted the boy and said "Make Yoda a Liar you will! Altered History you have! Destroy you I must!" Ezra was immediately frozen with Fear but he quickely recovered. He wiped out his Energy Slingshot to defend himself with and he shot at Yoda who then absorbed the Energy and said "Weak your Weapon is! Now Die you will!" and with that he used the Force and threw Ezra off the elavated platform they had been fighting on, and Ezra went SPLAT. And Yoda who having restored balance, went back to Dagobah to wait for the Young Luke Skywalker's arrival.

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