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―FN-2199, to all of his victims.
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to kill traitors!



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Tall enough to serve

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Commander FN-2199, also known as The Loyal Trooper, Nines, Super Satan, Demigod, The Killer of traitors, Meme Trooper, Meme God Guy who was shot by Han Solo, The better Phasma, The New Boba Fett, Father of the Executioners, Spin master and The God of Sick Spins, Master of Stormies and called "TR-8R" by treacherous idiots who are now dead, is an extremely loyal Riot Control Stormtrooper for the First Order that cracks the skulls of traitors with his Tonfa of Justice that Lightsabers have no chance against. When he heard Luke Skywalker may be coming back, he got some cybernetic arms put on so he could hold more tonfas just in case. He was looked up to by the First Order Stormtrooper Executioners, who were trained to execute TRAITORS!.

Biography Edit

FN-2199 was born from the dark world and became a First Order Stormtrooper . This made him cool. He arrived on Takodana and faced, his worst foe. A TRAITOR. He beat the living hell out of the traitor, but was shot by Han Solo.
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Number of traitors FN-2199 has killed while you've sat here and read this: