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piece of cake


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"Cut the friggin' cake!"
―The last birthday party Falco attended

Falco was a brother of Big Bird and a friend of Fox.

Brother's DeathEdit

Falco was 7 years old when his older brother Big Bird, the founder of Brotherhood of the Bird, was killed by Bob Barker and Dick-Smith Deez Nuts. However, Falco was glad to know 12 years later that his brother had lived on as the Madclaw! Wookiee Goldberg. As long as Goldberg was alive, Falco was glad his brother was alive.


Later, Falco had been recruited by Fox of The Super Smash Brotherhood to help him conquer the galaxy. Falco had been glad to join after signing the paper work for leaders Darth Squidward and Mario. He and Fox were to serve on the Lylat Cruise.


Falco and Fox went to Yoshi's Island to pick up Yoshi who had captured the traitorous Samus during the Battle of Yoshi's Island. The Lylat Cruise went in to pick up Yoshi, but had been infiltrated by Wolf of Star Wolf. Wolf threatened to blow up the fuel tanks. Falco placed a bomb on Wolf, but before Wolf died, he shot Falco in the chest and then exploded. Falco told Fox in his dying words that he would be alright. Fox made a bronze statue in his likeness. The statue remained aboard the Lylat Cruise until its destruction.

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